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Dear Diary,
Lana blasts her face with gallons of cum in the new set: Double Dick Drenching Dialog. Lana shows off every angle of her body especially her cocks. She measures her dongs then licks, sucks and jerks them off till she's gushing jizz on herself. Then she lies upside down and unloads on her face and in her mouth. When finished she sits back up and gives a cum drenched smile!

Dear Diary,
Crissy gives us a cock show in the new video: Hung Hottie in a Tight Dress. Crissy starts off teasing by rubbing and wagging her hard, protruding boner underneath her dress! She talks sexy to the camera and breathes heavily. She shows us her tits, takes out her dick and strokes it with both hands. She spits on it and rubs the head. She puts her dong in her belt making it point up and massages her nuts! She pretends to slap her dick against your face, then bends over and wags her dick like a pendulum. She jerks off till she shoots cum directly at the camera as if she was cumming in your face! Afterwards she plays in her cum puddle on floor!

Dear Diary,
Hailey fucks Abby with intense passion in the new set: Busty Babes Boning Hard. The girls rub their cocks to together and suck each others dicks. Then Hailey takes control and fucks the shit out of Abby in several different positions, before unloading on her big tits!

Dear Diary,
Mandy and Dana clean Zoey with cum and a milk enema in the new video: Dirty Dickgirl Debauchery. Dana and Mandy begin excessively spanking Zoey, reprimanding her for being such a dirty girl. They dick-slap her and force her to suck their cocks! While Dana continues to spank Zoey, Mandy jerks off then cums over Zoey's face! Then Dana jacks off and blasts her jizz all over Zoey while Mandy shampoos her hair with cum! Zoey's ass is still dirty after her cum bath, so the girls give her a milk enema. They stroke her cock and force her cum and shoot the milk out of her ass at the same time! After she's done cumming she bends over and continues squirting milk out of her ass!

Dear Diary, Chelsi, Mandy and Lauren use toys on their cocks in the new set: Schlong Sailors with Vibrators. These hot seawomen suck, jerk off, fuck and rub their dicks together, while they use vibrators on their cocks and balls. Lauren makes Chelsi cum while she fucks her and then fucks Mandy and cums on her ass!

Dear Diary,
Stefani tit-fucks her cock in the new video: Blonde with Big Boobs and Boner. Stefani teases the camera by jiggling her boobs and shaking her dick. She bends over sticking out her ass and jerks-off. She asks you to jack-off with her and even describes how she wants to fuck your ass! She lies on the bed and jerks off more till her tits lactate and her dick is spurting jizz! Then she puts her erect, cum-oozing cock in her cleavage and tit-fucks herself! Her tits continue to spray milk and her cock shoots cum. Then she stands up above the camera and shakes off her cum cover tits and cock!

Dear Diary,
time to introduce another new chick with a dick, Crissy Cockswell. She's a stunning blonde with a smokin' fit body and the perfect penis for fucking! In her premier set: Hung Hottie in a Tight Dress, Crissy flaunts her jutting junk underneath a form fitting dress, creating a huge bulge. She then teases with her schlong from all angles, jerks-off and shoots streams of jizz across the room !

Dear Diary, Lana, Porsha and Rachel have a hardcore three way in the new video: Nymphos Wearing Nylons. The trio starts off talking about and comparing their cocks. Lana and Rachel make fun of Porsha for having such a small pecker. So she jerks it off in hope that it will get larger. They help her out by stroking and licking her penis through the pantyhose. When all three are erect, jutting out of their nylons, they compare their cocks and have a hot, giggly, three way swordfight. Porsha gets down and sucks their three dicks. Rachel and Porsha suck both of Lana's schlongs, then they sit on her rods and ride her at the same time. Porsha fucks Rachel doggy style while Lana feeds her cocks! Lana and Porsha shoot their loads all over Rachels nylon covered ass!

Dear Diary
, Dana, Mandy and Zoey get extremely messy in the new set: Dirty Dickgirl Debauchery. Zoey is a really dirty girl, so Mandy and Dana decide to give her a bath in their cum! Then even give Zoey a milk enema up her ass which she unleashes as she cums from her cock!

Dear Diary,
Knocked up Caitlyn and Abby have sperm gushing sex in the new video: Pregnant Dickgirl Lovers. Caitlyn is a really horny preggo and nags her lover Abby for more sex. Abby is a bit reluctant since they just had sex ten minutes ago but after Caitlyn starts groping Abby and rubbing her dick on her belly, Abby gives in. They have very intimate foreplay kissing passionately and rubbing each other all over. Abby does a good job of sucking and licking Caitlyn's big nipples and dick. They do a lot of sensual cock rubbing and Abby rubs her lubed up dong all over Caitlyn's belly! Abby tells Caitlyn she wants to get knocked up as well, so Caitlyn gives her a good fucking while she jerks Abby's cock off! Abby cums on Caitlyns pregnant belly and Caitlyn shoots her load into Abby's wide open pussy!

Dear Diary,
Stefani is back with her giant breasts in the new set: Blonde with Big Boobs and Boner. Having such huge tits really turns Stefani on! She plays with her massive mammaries and gets a rock hard erection. She jacks off and tit-fucks herself till she lactates and cums at the same time!

Dear Diary,
Heidi, Penny and Janeen drain their balls of cum in the new video: Horny Housekeepers. These maids are almost done cleaning house but Heidi is extremely horny and dry-humps and gropes Janeen and Penny. At first they deny Heidi's advances but eventually they give in. They kiss and lick Heidi's monster. After a while Penny and Janeen get back to work but Heidi jerks off and cums a massive load all over the clean floor. Penny and Janeen's anger turns to fasination and they start playing with her cum. They jack of Heidi even more getting every last bit of cum out of her giant balls. All three girls play in the cum puddle on the floor. Penny and Janeen jerk off and add more cum making an even bigger mess. Heidi lies in the cum and the girls rub it all over her body!

Dear Diary,
Porsha, Lana and Rachel play with their hard jutting erections in their pantyhose in the new set: Nymphos Wearing Nylons. The trio compare their dongs and have a nylon clad swordfight. They suck cocks and fuck in a variety of positions all while wearing their pantyhose for pleasure!

Dear Diary, Chelsi cums on your face in the new video: Hot Chick with Girthy Dick. Chelsi struts around with her big dick wagging. Her thick pipe is erect and hard even before she starts playing with it. She starts stroking it and invites you to jerk off with her! She has to stroke it using two hands because it's so girthy! She beats-off and wags her dong in your face and even makes you suck her off! She makes fun of you for having such a small dick compared to hers. She has a powerful orgasm and shoots streams of jizz into the air. Just when you think she's finished she jacks off some more and splatters cums all over you!

Dear Diary, Abby blasts cum on Caitlyn's preggo belly in the new set: Pregnant Dickgirl Lovers. The question of who knocked up Caitlyn has been answered, it's her long time fuck buddy turned lover Abby! The two have a romantic evening kissing, sucking tits and cocks. They even both lactate a little together. Caitlyn fucks Abby and cums in her open cunt!

Dear Diary, Lana and Nikki pleasure their throbbing bulges in the new video: Cock Fighters in Training. Lana is giving Nikki a lesson in wrestling but she is so horny that she humps Nikki every times she stretches. Nikki seems to like it, so they both blatantly grope and hump each other while they train. They take out their cocks and practice wrestling moves with them. Nikki gets on top of Lana and stuffs her cock in her mouth. They slap their sausages together in a swordfight. Then Lana lies on top of Nikki and uses her whole body to jerk off her dick! Lana sits on Nikki's face and strokes her snake till it gushes spunk! Then Lana unloads on Nikki's tits. They kiss and rub their cumy bodies together!

Dear Diary, Heidi, Penny and Janeen can't keep their hands off each other in the new set: Horny Housekeepers. Instead of cleaning, these dick-maids kiss, suck, and jerk-off till they cum buckets and then play in their pool of jizz on the floor!


Dear Diary, Porsha and Zoey have some the roughest dickgirl sex ever in the new video: Rough Rambunctious Ramming. The girls kiss and touch each tenderly but then things quickly turn wild. Zoey rubs her feet on Porsha's bulge beneath in her shorts and kicks her playfully. Porsha then straddles Zoey to smack and rub their dicks together! Zoey smacks her dick on Porsha's face, chokes her with her cock then fucks her neck! They do some intense 69 sucking/gagging and then proceed to fuck the shit out of each other. They ram each other at high velocity, moaning and groaning like animals in heat while they smack and choke each other. Then they take turns blasting cum on each others faces then pour all the excess cum in their gurgling mouths! Zoey swallows a whole mouth full of jizz!

Dear Diary, I updated the Girls page! All the dickgirls are now included, yay!

Dear Diary, introducing our newest massively hung dickgirl Chelsi Choadload! In the new set Hot Chick with Girthy Dick, Chelsi shows off her humongous wiener and demonstrates how much cum she can produce! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she has one of the thickest meat slabs ever!


Dear Diary, Dana, Lauren, Rachel and Abby give Janeen a lesson in hardcore fucking in the new video: Schoolgirl Gangbang. Instead of studying, the class of dickgirls compares their cocks. Their teacher Ms. Armshlong walks in the room and the class scapegoats Janeen for their mischief. Abby decides to make Janeen an example and has her suck her cock. Soon she is sucking off the whole class as all the girls laugh at her. Abby doesn't think she's learning her lesson so she has the class fuck her pussy and her face as she gags and gasps for air. She gets fucked doggy style, missionary and reverse cowgirl as she mouths multiple cocks! For the final grade every girl blasts their huge loads in Janeen's face till she's glazed and glistening in schoolgirl cum!

Dear Diary, Nikki and Lana battle with their boners in the new set: Cock Fighters in Training. Lana coaches Nikki how to wrestle but her hard cocks in her sweat pants keep rubbing up against Nikki's body. This leads to a lot of hot, hard physical contact which eventually brings both dickgirls to juicy orgasm!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn is knocked up and hornier than ever in the new video: Penis Play while Pregnant. Caitlyn loves showing off her new sexy curves. She rubs her swollen belly and strokes her dick while she talks flirtatiously to the camera. She takes off her bra revealing her huge preggo tits! She gropes her tits and rubs her cock on her belly. She lubes up her dick and belly and massages them together some more. She jerks off vigorously and shoots streams of cum in the air which showers all over herself. She rubs the cum all over her belly and tits and moans in ecstasy.

Dear Diary, Porsha and Zoey have some violent love in the new set: Rough Rambunctious Ramming. These two nymphos go crazy in bed with each other choking, slapping, biting and pulling hair as they fuck each other hard then feed each other loads of cum! Insane dickgirl sex!

Dear Diary, Heidi gets her pussy fucked and dick milked by the new girl Penny, in the video: Super Schlong Surprise. Heidi and her monster cock walk in the room and Penny's jaw drops. Penny can't take her eyes off Heidi's mega-schlong and immediately starts playing with it, inspecting it and asking questions about it. Heidi becomes so aroused with all the attention that she starts licking and sucking Penny's erection. Before long they both are licking Heidi's huge dong. They wet their cocks with more spit then rub their cocks together and kiss. Heidi rubs her massive wiener all over Penny's body and then attempts to cram it in her pussy. Even though it doesn't fit she wiggles it in the crack on Penny's clit. Feeling frustrated Heidi opens her legs and lets Penny fuck her. Then Heidi sits on Penny's joystick and rides it as Heidi squeezes her giant balls. Penny strokes off Heidi as gallons of jizz spurt out, then licks off the remaining cum. In turn Penny jerks off and shoots her load all over Heidi's meat!

Dear Diary, Dana, Rachel, Abby, and Lauren fuck and drench Janeen with cum in the new set: Schoolgirl Gangbang. This is one of the most hardcore scenes yet! Janeen is forcefully penetrated from both ends, and then gets tons of spunk blasted in her face, in a dickgirl bukkake! What did you expect from five horny dickgirls in a classroom? So much dick, tits and ass to look at it!

Dear Diary, Lana and Hailey get fucked against their will in the new video: Cock Snatching Rapists. Lana and Hailey are the infamous cock-snatchers, a duo of rapists that have been terrorizing the city. This time they capture Abby and proceed to molest and rape her just like their other victims. Hailey mouth-fucks her and smothers her with her big tits. Lana slaps her cocks against Abby's face and shoves her cocks in her mouth. They rip off more of her clothing but quickly realize something is wrong. Abby takes out a sword and turns into a crime-fighting heroine. She gets revenge by having them suck on her dick and fucking both of them. They cry and yell in agony as her huge cock stretches their pussy open! She even has them suck each others tits and dicks. She finishes them by squirting streams of cum all over their squirming bodies!

Dear Diary, Another pleasant surprise, Caitlyn is extremely preggo! In the new set: Penis Play while Pregnant, Caitlyn enthusiastically shows off her big swollen belly and her huge cock. Being pregnant has made her even hornier. She rubs her belly, pleasures her penis and blasts tons of cum on herself!

Dear Diary, Nikki talks about her huge cock and cums on herself in the new video: Interview with a Dickgirl. In this video I have a Q&A session with Nikki. I ask her various questions about her and her giant cock. She tells me about her life living with a huge penis... how she has to hide it and how guys get scared off when they see it. She talks about how she has to jack off everyday to drain her balls and that she actually loves fucking men up the ass! She stands up to show how her schlong dangles and sucks it and licks it. Then she gives us a jack off show. After a few minutes her dick gets super stiff. Her jutting erection gets stroked off till it erupts with jizz all over her body!

Dear Diary, Heidi gets fucked by a new dickgirl Penny Pistol in the new set: Super Schlong Surprise. Penny is a slim, sexy woman with a very fuckable penis, which she uses to penetrate Heidi's mouth and pussy. She milks Heidi's cock till her balls are drained and blasts her own cum all over Heidi's choad!

Dear Diary, Lauren bones all the spunk out of Mandy in the new video: Fucking for Cum Buckets. Lauren is interviewing Mandy for a job at "Cum Buckets Inc" a sperm bank for dickgirls. Through the interview the girls flirt with each other and Mandy plays with her penis. Lauren inspects Mandy's body, measures her dick length and feels her balls. Before long they're making out and jerking each other off! Mandy takes Laurens cock deep up her pussy and wiggles her ass up and down it with horny enthusiasm! She gets fucked hard with her legs spread eagle while stroking her meat and orgasms, shooting jizz across the room. For the finale, both girls wack off over a glass table and shoot their loads all over it!

Dear Diary, Lana and Hailey assault Abby with their cocks in the new set: Cock Snatching Rapists. Lana and Hailey are the villainous Cock-Snatchers. They take Abby hostage and feed her their dicks. When they start ripping off her clothes Abby's true identity as a crime fighting heroine is revealed! Abby pulls out a sword and takes revenge, raping both girls and splattering them with cum!

Dear Diary, Stefani and Caitlyn make their dicks and tits cum in the new video: Milking Cocks and Knockers. Stefani wobbles her swollen fun bags as she has a flirtatious penis dance with Caitlyn. Stefani bounces her boobs on Caitlyn's dick and they rub their lubed up cocks together. Caitlyn spanks her cock on Stefani's ass and rubs it on her pussy lips. Caitlyn tit-fucks Stefani's giant cleavage crack and cums on her face and tits! They even manage to put both their cocks in the cleavage and have a double tit-fuck! Finally Caitlyn foot fucks Stefani and gives her an epic orgasm shooting milk and cum everywhere!

Dear Diary, Nikki shows off her super stiff erection in the new set: Interview with a Dickgirl. Nikki starts off with a floppy snake which transforms into a rock-hard pleasure pole. She jerks it off hard and cums all over herself!

Dear Diary, Heidi plays with her massive penis in the new video: Slim Girl with Gigantic Genitals. Heidi shows off how her giant wang wobbles as she walks up and down the stairs. In the bathroom she disrobes, swings her meat pipe in our face, thrusts it and jerks it off. She wets her cock in the bath for better stroking. She gets in the bath and has a tender loving make-out session with her throbbing cock and even say's "l love you" to it! She jerks it off hard and shoots a huge load of thick milky cum into her bath water!

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